Gibson Chocolates was in essence created by many different pieces of a puzzle that came to what it is today. The chocolate itself goes back a many of moons. 123 Years to be exact…1894 was when the chocolate you are eating was created. The receipt has not changed at all. It is still what was used back before WW1, WW2, the Titanic and only 29 years after the Civil War in America.

Things have not changed in time, but things were added. Things that were added over the years that made us who we are today. The caramel you sink your teeth in came later in time, around the 1940’s is when grandma created in her kitchen what people tell us is the best caramel they have eaten. We like to think ourselves as caramel connoisseur in a way.

Over the years, I myself have made it a point that every time I see a chocolate store, I have to try their caramel. I tried a lot over time, and I found some to die for and some which I would rather of died than to be eating it. I found that caramel is not all created the same. Nor is fudge, nor is chocolate to be honest. What makes these things different from one another is the ingredients.

We use the freshest local ingredients that we can find. We do not store our products and pump them with preservatives. Everything we add we use organic ingredients. Everything we make is hand made from scratch so every order you get is custom made for you. My great grandmother taught my grandmother, my grandmother taught my mom and my mom taught me. 4 generations of of perfecting our chocolate.

Simply, we make the best chocolate you will eat, as humble as we are, it’s not really us here at Gibson Chocolates that think this, it is people like George from Florida who makes it a point when he is in the northeast to stop by and grab his favorite caramel pretzels. It is people like George who make us like to think, that we are simply the best chocolate you will have.

Give it a try and see for yourself and tell us what you think. 🙂

Thank you and best wishes from our family.

The Gibson’s





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