How To Make Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Hello everyone! Today I will be writing about how to make chocolate covered pretzels. So to start off I have to say it isn’t that hard so don’t be scared.

So lets get started. The first thing I will cover is the ingredients.

1 bag of thin pretzels ( get your favorite brand)

1 bag of chocolate wafers. ( any grocery store has these and you can get any flavor)

Optional- nut sprinkles , jimmies, etc , the sky is the limit!


Next lets talk about the tools needed.

Parchment paper

cookie sheet


prongs or spoon


Ok , so now that we got that out of the way lets talk about how we make the chocolate covered pretzels

So you may be thinking, or not, *L* why are we using a microwave. Well one simple answer, it’s the easiest way and to be honest, it will taste the same as using a double boiler.

Step 1- Place the parchment paper onto the cookie sheet covering the entire cookie sheet.

Step 2- Now , grab the chocolate wafers, put them in a microwave safe bowl, just throw them all in the bowl, if they all don’t fit, that’s ok to. Put as many as you can in there and just repeat this process.

When microwaving, we want to do it slowly. So microwave the chocolate in 30-second intervals, stirring after every 30 seconds. Do this until the chocolate is nicely melted.

Step 3- Grab the pretzels gently dipping it into the chocolate, when I do this I use prongs to grab the pretzels , then I hang the pretzel over the bowl so the chocolate can drip into the bowl. After that place it onto the cookie sheet.  Another little trick I learned over the years is if you have a toaster oven, grab the rack from it, put the rack on top of another bowl ,this will allow the chocolate to drip into the bowl and then you can reuse the chocolate again. Haste makes waste.

Step 4- Let them dry for about 30 minutes. Then place one into said mouth, and enjoy! If you are using some sort of sprinkle on them, sprinkle them with what you will be using once you place them onto the cookie sheet. You want the sprinkles to dry on the pretzels. If you wait until the pretzels are dry then sprinkle, it won’t stick onto the pretzels.

That’s it! I told you it’s like super simple !

Hand made chocolate covered pretzels

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